Thursday, 8 October 2015

The news from Spiddal

Winter has arrived suddenly for the musicians and purveyors of culture in Spiddal and most of the summer sessions are suspended for the quiet months. The famous Sunday session is still going in An DroighneƔn Donn every Sunday at 5.30 and Ned Giblin leads an open session in Tigh Giblin on Monday nights from 9.30.

The next big event we're all looking forward to is the 7th Annual Spiddal Gathering 20th-22nd November. One of the best yearly events in Spiddal, the Gathering sees musicians from all over Ireland, England, Scotland and further afield arrive for a solid weekend of tunes, good company and the finest of food and drink.

There are no classes, workshops, concerts or competitions, the Spiddal Gathering is purely a musicians' festival; we gather just to swap tunes and stories and we fill Spiddal's bars with music all weekend and often well into the following week. Anyone looking for information or accomodation should have a look at the Facebook page at More about this in future blogs!

Now seems a good time to think about developing our blog and YouTube channel and we have several ideas which we hope to work on over the winter and bring you regular news on the blogspot as well as new tunes for learners and videos and links to other items which might be of interest to our friends.

Meanwhile, we would like to extend an open invitation to fans of Spiddal Sessions to contribute items for inclusion in English or Irish. We are interested in everything from upcoming events to personal experiences and impressions of Spiddal and its musical tradition and historic anecdotes or photographs. Send contributions to

Spiddal Sessions has been set up as a profit-free forum for aficionados of traditional music. It is run by volunteers and we promise never to sell your articles to the NSA, but still, it might be best not to put sensitive or libelous information in items for blogging.

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